Blazing Heart Studios Suzy Clarke

fine art acrylic on canvas and mixed media

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36" x 36"

That you are here - That the powerful play goes on, and you may contribute a verse. - Walt Whitman


I paint intuitively, with nothing but pure inspiration. + I know that I must put this raw energy, color, or emotion onto the blank canvas. I have total faith 'Fire Woman', 24x24 (c) 2007 Suzy Clarke that the power which flows through me and onto the stark white emptiness will be full of life and passion and that this piece of Art will energize the space where it will ultimately reside. It is my hope that it will bring Joy, Calm, or Relief to the person who takes it from my hands. This is my verse. -


Suzy Clarke is a self taught intuitive artist specializing in acrylic on canvas and mixed media. + She has been creating fine art for over 20 years. She currently is showing in galleries throughout the west coast and has collectors internationally in the United Kingdom, Italy, and Qatar.

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